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Where to Put Ice Pack For Sciatica

You would be amazed at just how much benefit doing something as simple as applying ice to your body can do for you. There is a pretty good chance that you have heard about the numerous miracle cures out there that involve ice that apparently can even go so far as to cure cancer! These types of cures are never real, but that doesn’t mean that ice isn’t capable of giving you various other health benefits that you would definitely want to make a part of your day to day existence at some point or another.

According to doktor top, this is because of the fact that ice can be amazing if you want to soothe any kind of pain that you are currently experiencing and struggling to wrap your head around. The fact of the matter is that sciatica is just one example of the countless things that ice can help with, but you might want to learn about where the right part of your body is if you want to apply ice correctly. After all, while a lot of the pain in your system might be in your lower back, the truth of the situation is that this is not where you should put the ice if you actually want it to help you out from a sciatic perspective.

Rather than your back, you should put ice on the back of your knee or your thigh. This is where the sciatic nerve is actually located, and your lower back pain is just a secondary symptom that you shouldn’t worry all that much about. Ice on your hamstring can help to reduce sciatic inflammation and you can get better in no time.